Sunday, June 12, 2011

Race to 100 Giveaway!

My amazing friend Jenni is in a race with herself, a race for 100 blog followers! She has a great giveaway lined up for the momentous occasion, she just needs the participants!

I know it seems like I can't be biased, because she's my friend, but her blog truly is amazing.

Her blogging schedule is Mash It Up Monday, WIP Wednesday, and Book Review Friday. Her book reviews are completely honest and specific. If she doesn't like a book, she tells you exactly why so you can know if you would have the same issues that she does. She also always finds something nice to say about it. I think this is a very admirable trait in a reviewer.

Her WIP is amazing, I know cause I've read it. There will be great things from her and you're definitely going to want to be in the know when that baby gets published. So, go check out her post for all the details and see what her blog is all about!

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