Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP - Some characters were born

My husband and I have been driving across the country and in an attempt to keep my husband awake in the wee hours of the morning I asked him to help me create some characters for kleoS.

It was exciting to see how into it he became. He had so many great suggestions and insights. It helps to have another person to bounce ideas off of in the early stages. It would have been frustrating to create a character that I felt was believable, that I had put hours of time into developing, just to find out that it didn't make sense or that it could have been done better.

An amazing thing about my husband is his ability to be honest without being cruel. He knows how to let me down gently and tell me what he really thinks. He is one of my biggest supporters and he is amazing. He also loves to read so he has a great imagination and understanding as to what makes a character good and what makes it flop.

Within two hours we had created the antagonist for kleoS, including a name(which is so perfect I can hardly stand it) along with an important supporting character. He also helped me to fine-tune the main character, Kleos. I am really getting excited to finally start writing kleoS in November. I just hope I can create it on paper the way I see it in my head in a way that does it justice.

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