Monday, August 15, 2011

Muse Monday - What's in a dream?

It's amazing how a great story idea can pop into your mind out of nowhere. You can be in the middle of making dinner, playing make believe with your children, reading a novel, goofing off with some friends, or most commonly sleeping.

There are so many people who get their ideas from dreams, myself included. Dreams are amazing because they capture something in a way that inspires you because it was your mind that created them.

In my experience, I have found that combining dreams is a great way to develop a story. Not all dreams are great on their on. In fact, a lot of them are quite boring full of every day, mundane tasks that we're forced to relive even when we're resting. But when you put those dreams together, something amazing can be created.

On that note, I hope to either inspire you with my dreams, or even better, inspire your mind to start producing some inspiring dreams of your own. So here we go:

Last night I had a dream that I was living with my in-laws in a condominium that resembles my late grandparents. We were getting things ready for a party and I used a special room down the hall that was like a miniature apartment, but I'm talking miniature. (I am trying to be vague here, I can't give away ALL of my ideas.) When I was ready I went back to my own apartment and the party was in full force. I walked past a man who asked me a question about a tourist attraction. I ignored him because I didn't know the answer, but as I was about ten steps away I felt guilty and turned back to answer the question. When I got back to him, he had changed into a little girl, no older than eight. She was upset that I had ignored her so I tried to comfort her and answer her question. At the same time, we kept getting crawled over by random children that were trying to get away from their parents. I finally got the little girl calmed down and as I was heading back to be with my family I woke up.

It was a very strange dream and I'm sure buried inside of it is a great idea for a story. It didn't inspire me, but maybe it will inspire you. Happy writing!

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