Sunday, July 24, 2011

Transformation Snippet

I decided it is about time that I posted a snippet from my book Transformation. Just a little something to give you a taste for the rest of the book. Here are a few paragraphs from one of my favorite scenes:

Emily's body shook with shock as she stared at the intricately woven web that lay on top of her hair like a delicate hat. As Emily watched, she saw large brown spiders weaving their way in and out of her hair. She felt the first touch of one of the spiders as it reached her scalp. Her grandmother’s last words rang in her ears, they bite.

As if on cue, she felt the first stab of pain as it sunk its pinchers into her flesh. Her screams became more panicked as she fumbled with the shower. She wanted to reach up and brush the arachnids out of her hair, but her need to wash it all away was stronger.

Finally, she managed to turn the water on and jump in, fully clothed. The shock of the cold water hitting her gave her mind something else to focus on as she began scrubbing at her scalp. Her eyes were closed so she wouldn’t have to watch the spiders fall to the bottom of the tub. Thankfully, they washed away fairly easily. Cleaning the web out, however, wasn’t as easy. It was tough, felt like yarn, and it wound itself around strands of her hair. Twenty minutes of scrubbing wasn't enough, but her scalp was sore from the many bites she had received and from pulling at her hair. Feeling confident that at least she had gotten all the spiders out, she took a necessary break, turning off the water and crashing to the floor in a ball. She burst into tears.

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