Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Monday

It's Monday.

I can't believe we're already into September. So crazy. Where does the time go?

Monday's are usually Muse Monday for me, but I'm considering changing it. I had been trying to share the dreams I've been having lately as an attempt to inspire story ideas in all of you, but I'm not sure if that is something I can continue.

I am expecting my third child and pregnancy always makes me dream very bizarre dreams. Not only that, but I have them every night. That should be a good thing right? It would be, except I can never remember the dreams when I wake up. It's so frustrating to try and write something down that isn't coming back to you. The last thing I need is to start my day off grumpy, because chances are I'll be short tempered within a few hours of waking up. The joys of pregnancy.

So now I have a conundrum. What should I do about Mondays? They are such a let down. It's the day of the week that shuts down the weekend. I would like to do something fun, but I can honestly say I'm drawing a blank.

There is a weekly meme for Mondays called What Are You Reading? I've been considering participating in that because I do read quite a bit throughout the week. It would be nice to talk a little bit about the books that appeal to me and the ones I'm reading for review, but I'm just not sure.

My question to you all is, would that be something you'd be interested in or is it too overdone? Should I try for something else more original while trying to post dreams when I can? Please let me know if you have an opinion.

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