Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blogging Schedule

I like order. There is a calendar in my room that I cannot live without. When November hits I'm out there looking for its replacement for the upcoming year so I don't miss a beat. I learned the hard way that life turns into complete chaos if I let the New Year start without one.

On that note, I want to create a blogging schedule to make sure I keep up with this blog. It is here to help me, but it can't do that if I don't use it.

For now, the schedule will go as follows. Tuesdays will be my WIP (Work In Progress) day. I know it's typical to do it on Wednesday, but I like to be different. This will force me to make sure I'm moving forward with my editing. It would be embarrassing to go a week without anything new to report. I hope this will keep me working.

With Tuesday taken up, Friday will be WriT day! (Writing Tips) I just made that up, isn't it clever? There is so much to learn and so many ways to strengthen my writing. As I learn, I will share it all with you.

I'm considering taking on Book Reviews, but I don't want to take on too much right now. If I find it's not too much to handle I will adjust my schedule.

Phew! I can breathe easier now. I have achieved order, and it feels good!

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